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Keepconf - Tool for backup and track files from remote hosts.
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Keepconf is a agentless tool for backup and track files from remote hosts, using rsync and git for the purpose. Indeed, it can:

  • Process lists of files/folders for retrieve it from hosts
  • Limit size of the files fetched
  • Store content in different defined directories
  • Trigger hooks for execute whatever after/before fetching/committing
  • Use a local or remote git repository
  • Report the final status for monitoring the results in csv format

Basic Installation and usage

Clone the repository or copy the installation script and execute it. Install all the python modules required with pip or with your preferred package manager:

    curl -k '' >

For this guide, a ssh connection to localhost is enought, but normally, a ssh connection to remote hosts its required:

    ssh-keygen -t dsa -P '' -f ~/.ssh/id_dsa
    cat ~/.ssh/ >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Test the connection, you need to login without password prompt (Accept with 'yes' the first attempt):

    ssh localhost

For this test, rsync user will be root, add the following line under the commented sync_user in "/etc/keepconf/keepconf.cfg":

    # sync_user = backup
    rsync_user = root

Initialize the folders and repository:

    keepconf -i

Some sample files are located inside "/etc/keepconf/hosts" and "/etc/keepconf/files" for backup all "/etc/*" content in "localhost" plus some commented examples. Run the command for backup them:


Now, inside the destionation folder, there are all the files fetched:

    cd /var/keepconf/hosts/localhost

And a git repo tracking the files:

    git log

More information

Please, read keepconf-manual.txt for a complete reference manual.

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