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Note: This kick-starter hasn't been submitted yet. Please fork and improve, file issues against the idea, etc.

.io was an awesome TLD for projects like What if we had .js for fantastic JavaScript and Nodejs projects. You should have free or cheap domains for your Hacking pleasure.


The kickstart project is to raise the funds to apply for buying the .js top level domain. An application is $180,000, plus $5000 as a deposit, plus an unknown amount for applicaiton disputes, etc.

I've not done this before. I don't have $200,000 lying around. I need your help!

Kickstarter Rewards

To motivate participation:


Skip coffee for a week and join the TLD.js movement!

Gets you webmaster4life status. Register up to 20 domains per year for free.

Limited to first 10,000 pledges. No, seriously, remember how fast JSConf sells out ;)


Can you afford more? Passionate about the web and JS?

Same benefits as webmaster4life as well as an invitation to join the governance committee.

Limited to first 50 pledges.


Okay, this is kind of a vanity TLD, but we freaking build the web every day... shouldn't we have a TLD that we JS hackers control?

Domains will be granted to their obvious owners... jquery.js to jquery, node.js goes to the node project, etc.

Got a side project and need a cheap, hawt name? heavymetal.js or whatever is yours.

Domain squatters will not be tolerated, to the best of the projects ability to limit or ban this behavior...

After Kickstarter

Again, the governance committee would figure out how to make care and feeding of TLD.js sustainable and low maintence. This is not a for-profit venture. The Kick Starter is only to raise enough funds to navigate the unknown waters of securing our TLD.

.js domains will be as inexpensive as possible. We'll figure out a way to reward everyone who helped us secure this TLD.

Who will run this?

I and the signers below, offer to volunteer our time to organize this applicaiton process. If we get it, we'll create a governance committee to figure how to best steward this beast.

An early suggestion would be getting under's non-profit umbrella, but the we can figure this out after a successful application.


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