Planned Changes

thenduks edited this page Sep 14, 2010 · 13 revisions
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  • This looks interesting, maybe someday we can move from excanvas to this.
  • Add the ability to give the graph a title (similar to the new axis label stuff).
  • Integrate the pie chart stuff into the library. cancelled see ticket #3
  • Keep up with changes to the ‘real’ flot :)
  • Get boxplot’s added at some point.


  • Change the data format: done
    [ [ x, y ], ... ]  =>  [ { x: x, y: y }, ... ]
    This will make it easier to include extra information as necessary for things like tooltips (for example,
    [ { x: some_date, y: some_value, committer: some_name }, ... ]
    and you could then refer to some_datapoint.committer to get that value out of the API). This will also make the ‘deltas’ series type less hacky (since it requires [x,y,d] instead of [x,y]) and also makes it feasible to do box plots (since they have quite a bit more information in one data point).
  • Re-format a lot of the code to make it more obvious what’s happening (some indentation issues/etc). done
  • Dual-y-axis support