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A JavaScript prose documentation generator.
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A JavaScript prose documentation generator.

Owldoc is a tool for generating prose documentation using Node.js, in the style of Sphinx. It accepts a Markdown file and an EJS template file, and proceeds to generate a documentation file with them.

Owldoc is freely distributable under the terms of the MIT license.

Basic Usage

$ owldoc > docs.html

And hey presto, your documentation is now generated!


The template is supplied with the following context variables:

  • title

    The text of the first heading.

  • content

    Contains the rendered Markdown.

  • toc

    Contains a table of contents tree. It has three attributes: id which contains the anchor to a section, children which contain all items underneath this level, and title for the text of the section. If id is null, then this section doesn't actually exist, and the item is there just to act as a placeholder.

During rendering, all headings are given id attributes for anchors. These anchors are resolved in order — for instance, the anchor to this section is #Rendering. If another section was named "Rendering" after this section, then the anchor to that section will be named #Rendering-2.

If you want to override the anchor text, simply surround the section of the title you want to make the anchor with <span class="heading"></span>.


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