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Commits on Oct 13, 2012
  1. @Dretch @nikomatsakis
  2. @Dretch @nikomatsakis
  3. @catamorphism
  4. @catamorphism

    Remove unneeded parens

    catamorphism committed
  5. @catamorphism

    Make trans ignore last use

    catamorphism committed
  6. @catamorphism

    Change the kind checker to ignore results of last-use

    catamorphism committed
    and require explicit moves.
    Also provide more info in some error messages.
    Also: check that non-copyable struct fields don't get copied.
    Closes #3481
  7. @catamorphism
  8. @catamorphism

    Test that functional struct update exprs get rejected if...

    catamorphism committed
    ...they require copying noncopyable fields.
  9. @catamorphism
  10. @catamorphism
  11. @catamorphism
  12. @catamorphism
  13. @catamorphism
  14. @catamorphism
  15. @catamorphism
  16. @catamorphism
  17. @catamorphism
  18. @catamorphism
  19. @catamorphism

    Make moves explicit in doc examples

    catamorphism committed
    Had to remove the buffalo example. It was awkward to update for
    explicit moves.
  20. @catamorphism
  21. @catamorphism
  22. @catamorphism
  23. @nikomatsakis
  24. @nikomatsakis

    Use the Nth impl when translating a static method call, instead

    nikomatsakis committed
    of the 0th.  0th is only correct when there are no bound tps
    on the trait.
    Fixes #3741.
Commits on Oct 12, 2012
  1. @graydon

    bump version to 0.5.

    graydon committed
  2. @catamorphism

    Merge pull request #3746 from killerswan/nuke_fmt

    catamorphism committed
    Replace several common macros of the form #m[...] with m!(...)
  3. @killerswan

    Replace several common macros of the form #m[...] with m!(...)

    killerswan committed
    This commit replaces nearly all remaining uses of #fmt, #debug, #error,
    and #info, and fixes some error messages...
  4. @catamorphism

    Copyedit "Items and attributes" section in docs

    catamorphism committed
    Most notably, I removed the "foldl" example in the section on pure functions,
    as IIRC this is no longer something you need an unsafe block for
    (pure functions are as pure as their arguments). Feel free to add
    an example where an unsafe block really is needed.
  5. @brson

    Merge pull request #3734 from dbp/tutorial-fixes

    brson committed
    tutorial: add note about mutability of vectors
  6. @dbp
  7. @catamorphism
  8. @catamorphism
  9. @catamorphism

    Fix tutorial-ffi tests

    catamorphism committed
  10. @graydon

    manual: fix one more nit.

    graydon committed
  11. @graydon
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