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Communication (5 questions)

1. Explain to me a technical concept related to the role that you’re interviewing for.

2. Introduce me to something you’re passionate about.

3. How would you explain an A/B test to an engineer with no statistics background? A linear regression?

  • A/B testing, or more broadly, multivariate testing, is the testing of different elements of a user's experience to determine which variation helps the business achieve its goal more effectively (i.e. increasing conversions, etc..)  This can be copy on a web site, button colors, different user interfaces, different email subject lines, calls to action, offers, etc. 

4. How would you explain a con dence interval to an engi- neer with no statistics background? What does 95% con- dence mean?

5. How would you explain to a group of senior executives why data is important?