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* Author: Ricardo Garcia Gonzalez
* License: Public domain code
#ifndef __NODE_HEADER__
#define __NODE_HEADER__
// Node class. Builds full solution graph in constructor.
class Node {
std::list<const Operation *> thesteps;
std::list<Node *> successors;
long thevalue;
Node *best_child;
Node(const std::list<const Operation *> &prev_steps, long new_num,
long target, const std::list<long> &usable_nums,
std::set<std::list<long> > &explored_nodes, Node *parent);
long value() const { return thevalue; }
const std::list<const Operation *> &steps() const { return thesteps; }
const Node &best() const { return *best_child; }
// Best of two nodes.
Node *best_node(Node *first, Node *second, const long &target);
// Print node to output stream.
std::ostream &operator<<(std::ostream &out, const Node &node);