Run commands on possibly deleted Flash video files opened by your web browser
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Written by Ricardo Garcia.
Released to the public domain.

flashcmd is a short and simple Python script designed to work in Linux. It lets
you run commands on possibly deleted Flash video files currently opened by your
browser's Flash plugin. For this purpose, it parses the output of lsof to find
out the plugin's PID and the file descriptor number of the video file. With
them, a /proc/PID/fd/FD file path is formed and a command can be run on it.

Usage example:

	$ flashcmd
	(1) /tmp/FlashXXRzNy1W
	You choose number: 1
	Command to run. @@ will be replaced by the file name:
	> cp @@ ~/video.flv

... and the video is copied to your home directory.