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#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys, os
import json, hashlib
import urllib.request as compat_urllib_request
except ImportError: # Python 2
import urllib2 as compat_urllib_request
def rsa_verify(message, signature, key):
from struct import pack
from hashlib import sha256
from sys import version_info
def b(x):
if version_info[0] == 2: return x
else: return x.encode('latin1')
assert(type(message) == type(b('')))
block_size = 0
n = key[0]
while n:
block_size += 1
n >>= 8
signature = pow(int(signature, 16), key[1], key[0])
raw_bytes = []
while signature:
raw_bytes.insert(0, pack("B", signature & 0xFF))
signature >>= 8
signature = (block_size - len(raw_bytes)) * b('\x00') + b('').join(raw_bytes)
if signature[0:2] != b('\x00\x01'): return False
signature = signature[2:]
if not b('\x00') in signature: return False
signature = signature[signature.index(b('\x00'))+1:]
if not signature.startswith(b('\x30\x31\x30\x0D\x06\x09\x60\x86\x48\x01\x65\x03\x04\x02\x01\x05\x00\x04\x20')): return False
signature = signature[19:]
if signature != sha256(message).digest(): return False
return True
sys.stderr.write(u'Hi! We changed distribution method and now youtube-dl needs to update itself one more time.\n')
sys.stderr.write(u'This will only happen once. Simply press enter to go on. Sorry for the trouble!\n')
sys.stderr.write(u'From now on, get the binaries from, not from the git repository.\n\n')
except NameError: # Python 3
filename = sys.argv[0]
JSON_URL = UPDATE_URL + 'versions.json'
UPDATES_RSA_KEY = (0x9d60ee4d8f805312fdb15a62f87b95bd66177b91df176765d13514a0f1754bcd2057295c5b6f1d35daa6742c3ffc9a82d3e118861c207995a8031e151d863c9927e304576bc80692bc8e094896fcf11b66f3e29e04e3a71e9a11558558acea1840aec37fc396fb6b65dc81a1c4144e03bd1c011de62e3f1357b327d08426fe93, 65537)
if not os.access(filename, os.W_OK):
sys.exit('ERROR: no write permissions on %s' % filename)
versions_info = compat_urllib_request.urlopen(JSON_URL).read().decode('utf-8')
versions_info = json.loads(versions_info)
sys.exit(u'ERROR: can\'t obtain versions info. Please try again later.')
if not 'signature' in versions_info:
sys.exit(u'ERROR: the versions file is not signed or corrupted. Aborting.')
signature = versions_info['signature']
del versions_info['signature']
if not rsa_verify(json.dumps(versions_info, sort_keys=True).encode('utf-8'), signature, UPDATES_RSA_KEY):
sys.exit(u'ERROR: the versions file signature is invalid. Aborting.')
version = versions_info['versions'][versions_info['latest']]
urlh = compat_urllib_request.urlopen(version['bin'][0])
newcontent =
except (IOError, OSError) as err:
sys.exit('ERROR: unable to download latest version')
newcontent_hash = hashlib.sha256(newcontent).hexdigest()
if newcontent_hash != version['bin'][1]:
sys.exit(u'ERROR: the downloaded file hash does not match. Aborting.')
with open(filename, 'wb') as outf:
except (IOError, OSError) as err:
sys.exit('ERROR: unable to overwrite current version')
sys.stderr.write(u'Done! Now you can run youtube-dl.\n')
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