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New FAQ: What is this binary file? (+ small fix to other one)

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@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@ youtube has switched to a new video info format in July 2011 which is not suppor
youtube requires an additional signature since September 2012 which is not supported by old versions of youtube-dl. You can update youtube-dl with `sudo youtube-dl --update`.
-### SyntaxError:Non-ASCII character ###
+### SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character ###
The error
@@ -139,10 +139,14 @@ To run youtube-dl under Python 2.5, you'll have to manually check it out like th
git clone git://
cd youtube-dl
- python -m youtube-dl --help
+ python -m youtube_dl --help
Please note that Python 2.5 is not supported anymore.
+### What is this binary file? Where has the code gone?
+Since June 2012 (#342) youtube-dl is packed as an executable zipfile, simply unzip it (might need renaming to `` first on some systems) or clone the git repo to see the code. If you modify the code, you can run it by executing the `` file. To recompile the executable, run `make compile`.
youtube-dl is released into the public domain by the copyright holders.

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