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1 parent 01951dd commit 876f1a86af8e312432aeb1df31b3bbe1cbea14f2 @phihag phihag committed Jan 3, 2013
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@@ -50,10 +50,14 @@ wget "
mkdir -p "update_staging/$version"
mv youtube-dl youtube-dl.exe "update_staging/$version"
mv youtube-dl.tar.gz "update_staging/$version/youtube-dl-$version.tar.gz"
+RELEASE_FILES=youtube-dl youtube-dl.exe youtube-dl-$version.tar.gz
+(cd update_staging/$version/ && md5sum $RELEASE_FILES > MD5SUMS)
+(cd update_staging/$version/ && sha1sum $RELEASE_FILES > SHA1SUMS)
+(cd update_staging/$version/ && sha512sum $RELEASE_FILES > SHA512SUMS)
git checkout HEAD -- youtube-dl youtube-dl.exe
echo "\n### Signing and uploading the new binaries to"
-for f in update_staging/$version/*; do gpg --detach-sig "$f"; done
+for f in $RELEASE_FILES; do gpg --detach-sig "update_staging/$version/$f"; done
scp -r "update_staging/$version"
rm -r update_staging

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