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[TheScene] ERROR: Unable to extract info json #12235

Hrxn opened this Issue Feb 23, 2017 · 2 comments


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Hrxn commented Feb 23, 2017

  • I've verified and I assure that I'm running youtube-dl 2017.02.22
  • At least skimmed through README and most notably FAQ and BUGS sections
  • Searched the bugtracker for similar issues including closed ones

What is the purpose of your issue?

  • Bug report (encountered problems with youtube-dl)
  • Site support request (request for adding support for a new site)
  • Feature request (request for a new functionality)
  • Question
  • Other

TheScene IE probably broken again

F:\Incoming\Media>youtube-dl --ignore-config -v ""
[debug] System config: []
[debug] User config: []
[debug] Custom config: []
[debug] Command-line args: ['--ignore-config', '-v', '']
[debug] Encodings: locale cp1252, fs mbcs, out cp437, pref cp1252
[debug] youtube-dl version 2017.02.22
[debug] Python version 3.4.4 - Windows-10-10.0.14393
[debug] exe versions: ffmpeg N-83152-gf7e9275, ffprobe N-83152-gf7e9275
[debug] Proxy map: {}
[TheScene] march-2017-cover-video-vogue-kendall-jenner-gigi-hadid: Downloading webpage
[TheScene] march-2017-cover-video-vogue-kendall-jenner-gigi-hadid: Downloading webpage
ERROR: Unable to extract info json; please report this issue on . Make sure you are using the latest version; type  youtube-dl -U  to update. Be sure to call youtube-dl with the --verbose flag and include its complete output.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\dst\AppData\Roaming\Build archive\youtube-dl\rg3\tmpkf42q19b\build\youtube_dl\", line 704, in extract_info
  File "C:\Users\dst\AppData\Roaming\Build archive\youtube-dl\rg3\tmpkf42q19b\build\youtube_dl\extractor\", line 427, in extract
  File "C:\Users\dst\AppData\Roaming\Build archive\youtube-dl\rg3\tmpkf42q19b\build\youtube_dl\extractor\", line 35, in _real_extract
  File "C:\Users\dst\AppData\Roaming\Build archive\youtube-dl\rg3\tmpkf42q19b\build\youtube_dl\extractor\", line 759, in _search_regex
youtube_dl.utils.RegexNotFoundError: Unable to extract info json; please report this issue on . Make sure you are using the latest version; type  youtube-dl -U  to update. Be sure to call youtube-dl with the --verbose flag and include its complete output.


Extractor used to work before, I assume site got changed in the meantime.

@Hrxn Hrxn changed the title [TheScene] [TheScene] ERROR: Unable to extract info json Feb 23, 2017

@ThomasChr ThomasChr referenced this issue Feb 24, 2017


[TheScene] Fixed Extraction #12245

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ThomasChr commented Feb 24, 2017

Fixed in PR #12245

@dstftw dstftw closed this in 51ed496 Feb 24, 2017


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Hrxn commented Feb 24, 2017

Thanks a lot, guys! 🍾 🥂

Dedsec1 added a commit to Dedsec1/youtube-dl that referenced this issue Mar 18, 2017

Update from upstream repo rg3/youtube-dl (#1)
* [pornhub] Extract video URL from tv platform site (rg3#12007, rg3#12129)

* [] Add new extractor

* [vodpl] Make more robust and add another test (closes rg3#12122)

* [onetmvp] Add shortcut extractor

* [onetpl] Add support for (closes rg3#10507)

* [onetpl] Add support for and

* [pinkbike] Fix uploader extraction (closes rg3#12054)

* [amcnetworks] fix extraction(closes rg3#12127)

* [utils] Add support for quoted string literals in --match-filter (closes rg3#8050, closes rg3#12142, closes rg3#12144)

* [test_YoutubeDL] Fix invalid escape sequences

* [devscripts/] Change permission for script to 755

* [ceskatelevize] Prefix format ids

* [ceskatelevize] Lower priority for audio description sources (rg3#12119)

* [ChangeLog] Actualize

* release 2017.02.16

* [elpais] Fix typo and improve extraction (closes rg3#12139)

* [generic] Try parsing JWPlayer embedded videos (closes rg3#12030)

* [einthusan] Relax _VALID_URL (closes rg3#12141, closes rg3#12159)

* [theplatform] Recognize URLs with whitespaces (closes rg3#12044)

* [openload] Semifix extraction (closes rg3#10408)

just updated the code. i don't do much python still i tried to convert my code. lemme know if there is any prob with it

* [openload] Fix extraction (closes rg3#12002)

* [ellentv] Improve

* [heise] Support videos embedded in any article.

* [heise] Improve (closes rg3#9725)

* [options] Add missing spaces

* [ChangeLog] Actualize

* release 2017.02.17

* [viceland] improve info extraction and update test

* [metacafe] Bypass family filter

If you don't send this user=ffilter: false cookie, it will 301 redirect you to a page asking about it, and then the title check will fail.

* [metacafe] Improve (closes rg3#10371)

* [thisav] Add support for html5 media (closes rg3#11771)

* [tvn24] Add extractor

* [tvn24] Improve extraction (closes rg3#11679)

* [options] Mention quoted string literals for --match-filter

* [brightcove:legacy] restrict videoPlayer value(closes rg3#12040)

* [utils] Introduce YoutubeDLError base class for all youtube-dl exceptions

* Add experimental geo restriction bypass mechanism
Based on faking X-Forwarded-For HTTP header

* [dramafever] Improve geo restriction detection and use geo bypass mechanism

* [go] Improve geo restriction detection and use geo bypass mechanism

* [itv] Improve geo restriction detection and use geo bypass mechanism

* [nrk] Improve geo restriction detection and use geo bypass mechanism

* [ondemandkorea] Improve geo restriction detection and use geo bypass mechanism

* [pbs] Improve geo restriction detection and use geo bypass mechanism

* [svt] Improve geo restriction detection and use geo bypass mechanism

* [vbox7] Improve geo restriction detection and use geo bypass mechanism

* [srgssr] Improve geo restriction detection

* [vgtv] Improve geo restriction detection

* [viki] Improve geo restriction detection

* [utils] Make random_ipv4 return unicode string

* Add faked X-Forwarded-For to formats' HTTP headers

* Rename bypass geo restriction options

* Improve geo bypass mechanism
* Rename options to preffixly match with --geo-verification-proxy
* Introduce _GEO_COUNTRIES for extractors
* Implement faking IP right away for sites with known geo restriction

* [options] Move geo restriction related options to separate section

* [downloader/dash] Honor HTTP headers when downloading fragments
For example,

* [downloader/ism] Honor HTTP headers when downloading fragments

* [tv4] Switch to hls3 protocol (closes rg3#12177)

* [tv4] Bypass geo restriction and improve detection

* [travis] Run tests in parallel

[test_download] Print test names in case of network errors

[test_download] Add comments for nose parameters

[test_download] Modify outtmpl to prevent info JSON filename conflicts

Thanks @jaimeMF for the idea.

[travis] Only download tests should be run in parallel

* [nrk] Update _API_HOST and relax _VALID_URL

* [prosiebensat1] Throw ExtractionError on unsupported page type (closes rg3#12180)

* [nrk] PEP 8

* [svt] PEP 8

* [commonmistakes] Disable UnicodeBOM extractor test for python 3.2

* [iprima] Modernize

* [iprima] Improve geo restriction detection and disable geo bypass

* [extractor/common] Emphasize geo bypass APIs are experimental

* [spankbang] Make uploader optional (closes rg3#12193)

* [adobepass] add support for Time Warner Cable(closes rg3#12191)

* [ninecninemedia] use geo bypass mechanism

* [extractor/common] Allow calling _initialize_geo_bypass from extractors (rg3#11970)

* [extractor/common] Fix typo

* [extractor/common] Do not quit _initialize_geo_bypass on empty countries

* [extractor/common] Print origin country for fake IP

* [ChangeLog] Actualize

* release 2017.02.21

* [limelight] extract PlaylistService errors

* [telequebec] use geo bypass mechanism

* [cbc] use geo bypass mechanism

* [tfo] Improve geo restriction detection and use geo bypass mechanism

* Revert "[cbc] use geo bypass mechanism"

This reverts commit 86466a8.

* [viewster] use geo verifcation headers

* [crackle] use geo bypass mechanism

* [setup] Add python 3.6 classifier

* [setup] Actualize maintainer info

* [24video] Add support for (closes rg3#12217)

* [vidzi] Add support for

* [vidzi] Add test for rg3#12213

* [dailymotion] Make comment count optional (closes rg3#12209)
Not served anymore

* [crunchyroll] Fix descriptions with double quotes (closes rg3#12124)

* [ChangeLog] Actualize

* release 2017.02.22

* [leeco] raise GeoRestrictedError and use geo bypass mechanism

* [sohu] raise GeoRestrictedError

* [mgtv] fix extraction

* [crunchyroll] extract playlist entries ids

* [instagram] Add support for multi video posts (closes rg3#12226)

* [skylinewebcams] Add extractor (closes rg3#12221)

* [devscripts/run_tests] Exclude youtube lists tests from core build

* [compat] Add compat_numeric_types

* [YoutubeDL] Add support for string formatting operations in output template

* [YoutubeDL] Rewrite outtmpl for playlist_index and autonumber for backward compatibility

* [YoutubeDL] Add more numeric fields for NA substitution in outtmpl

* [options] Deprecate --autonumber-size

* [] Clarify sequence types in output template and document numeric string formatting operations

* [go] sign all uplynk urls and use geo bypass only for free videos(closes rg3#12087)(closes rg3#12210)

* [devscripts/make_lazy_extractors] Fix making lazy extractors on python 3 under Windows

* [postprocessor/ffmpeg] Add mising space (closes rg3#12232)

* [lynda:course] Add webpage extraction fallback (closes rg3#12238)

* Suppress help for all deprecated options and print warning when used

* [ChangeLog] Actualize

* release 2017.02.24

* [ivi] Raise GeoRestrictedError

* [openload] fix extraction(closes rg3#10408)

* [tubitv] use geo bypass mechanism

* [thescene] Fix extraction (closes rg3#12235)

* [thescene] Extract more metadata

* [noco] Swtich login URL to https (closes rg3#12246)

* [noco] Modernize

* [ChangeLog] Actualize

* release 2017.02.24.1

* [amcnetworks] Relax _VALID_URL (rg3#12127)

* [extractor/common] Add 'preference' to _parse_html5_media_entries

Some websites, like NJPWorld, put different qualities on different
player pages.

* [njpwworld] Add new extractor (closes rg3#11561)

* [compat] Use try except for compat_numeric_types

* [etonline] Add extractor (closes rg3#12236)

* [xhamster] Capture and output videoClosed error (rg3#12263)

* [downloader/common] Limit displaying 2 digits after decimal point in sleep interval message

* [freshlive] Add extractor

* [freshlive] Fix issues and improve (closes rg3#12175)

* [vevo] Fix videos with the new streams/streamsV3 format (closes rg3#11719)

* [tvigle] Raise GeoRestrictedError

* [MDR] Relax _VALID_URL and playerURL matching and update _TESTS

Ref: rg3#12169

* [dailymotion] Raise GeoRestrictedError

* [youtube] Raise GeoRestrictedError

* [crunchyroll] Extract uploader name that's not a link

Provide the Crunchyroll extractor with the ability to extract uploader
names that aren't links. Add a test for this new functionality.
This fixes rg3#12267.

* [cda] Decode URL (fixes rg3#12255)

* [scivee] Remove extractor (rg3#9315)

The Wikipedia page is changed from active to down:

Some other interesting bits:

$ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:   canonical name =

$ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:

Both IPs are from UCSD. I guess it's maintained by a lab and they don't
maintain it anymore.

* [youtube:channel] Remove duplicate test

* [npo] Add support for (closes rg3#12293)

* [npo] Add support for

* [hetklokhuis] Fix IE_NAME

* [npo] Relax _VALID_URL for

* [ChangeLog] Actualize

* release 2017.02.27

* [douyu] Fix extraction and update _TESTS

They've switched from flv to hls

Closes rg3#12301

* [aes] Add aes_cbc_encrypt

Used in (rg3#4738)

* [utils] Add pkcs1pad

Used in (rg3#4738)

* [utils] Add bytes_to_long() and long_to_bytes()

Used in (rg3#4738)

Both are adapted from public domain PyCrypto:

* [daisuki] Add new extractor (closes rg3#4738)

* [daisuki] Add subtitles (rg3#4738)

* [youtube:playlist] Recognize another playlist pattern (closes rg3#11928, closes rg3#12286)

* [azmedien:showplaylist] Add support for all episodes playlists

* [azmedien:showplaylist] Improve (closes rg3#12160)

* [ChangeLog] Actualize

* release 2017.02.28

* [npo] Adapt to app.php API (closes rg3#12311)

* [npo] Improve extraction and update tests

* [npo] Add support for audio

* [YoutubeDL] Don't sanitize identifiers (closes rg3#12317)

* [utils] Carry long doc string

* [adobepass] Add Charter Spectrum (rg3#11465)

Thanks @tv21 for the fix!

* [youtube] Mark errors about rental videos as expected

Closes rg3#12324

* [facebook] Fix extraction (closes rg3#12323)

Almost all videos now use the pagelet type 'permalink_video_pagelet'

* [ChangeLog] Actualize

* release 2017.03.02

* [ruutu] Disable DASH formats (closes rg3#12322)
Due to causing out of sync issue

* [24video] Use original host for requests (closes rg3#12339)

* [go] Relax _VALID_URL (closes rg3#12341)

* [brightcove:new] Raise GeoRestrictedError

* [vrak] Add extractor

* [brightcove:new] Add ability to smuggle geo_countries into URL

* [vrak] Improve and update test (closes rg3#11452)

* [rutube] Relax _VALID_URL

* [generic] Add support for rutube embeds

* [douyutv] Switch to the PC API to escape the 5-min limitation

Thanks @spacemeowx2 for the algo.


Closes rg3#12316

* [redbulltv] Add extractor

* [redbulltv] Improve extraction (closes rg3#11948, closes rg3#3919)

* [vier] Add support for and run on the same CMS and are property of the same company,
so the same extractor can be used for both of them.

* Credit @ThomasChr for rg3#12015 and rg3#12245

* Credit @p2004a for vodpl (rg3#12122)

* Credit @TobiX for rg3#9725

* Credit @obilodeau for vrak (rg3#11452)

* Credit @vierbergenlars for (rg3#12304)

* [twitch] Add basic support for two-factor authentication

* [twitch] Use better naming and simplify (closes rg3#11974)

* [ChangeLog] Actualize

* release 2017.03.05

* [external:ffmpeg] In test harness, limit to 10k download size

Otherwise, if you screw up a playlist test by including a playlist
dictionary key, you'll be there for eons while it downloads all the
files before erroring out.

* [downloader/external] Add missing import and PEP8

* [extractor/common] Move jwplayer formats extraction in separate method

* [extractor/common] Improve height extraction and extract bitrate

* [extractor/common] Pass arguments to _parse_jwplayer_formats and PEP8

* [tunepk] Add extractor (closes rg3#12197, closes rg3#12243)

* [addanime] Skip an invalid test

* [drtv:live] Bypass geo restriction

* [drtv] Add geo countries to GeoRestrictedError

* [utils] Process bytestrings in urljoin (closes rg3#12369)

* [ChangeLog] Actualize

* release 2017.03.06

* Openload fix extraction (rg3#12357)

* Fix extraction

* [ChangeLog] Update after rg3#12357

* [__init__] Metadata should be added after conversion

Fixes rg3#5594

* [soundcloud] Update client id (closes rg3#12376)

* [ChangeLog] Actualize

* release 2017.03.07

* Credit @benages for (rg3#11948)

* Credit @puxlit for twitch 2fa (rg3#11974)

* [twitch] PEP8

* [brightcove:legacy] Relax videoPlayer validation check (closes rg3#12381)

* [extractor/generic] Add test for brigthcove UUID-like videoPlayer

* [openload] Fix extraction

* [telequebec] Fix description extraction and update test (closes rg3#12399)

* [miomio] Fix extraction

Closes rg3#12291
Closes rg3#12388
Closes rg3#12402

* [dplayit] Separate and rewrite extractor and bypass geo restriction (closes rg3#12393)

* [dplayit] Relax playback info URL extraction

* [prosiebensat1] Improve title extraction (closes rg3#12318)

* [prosiebensat1] Improve title extraction and add test

* [wdr:maus] Fix extraction and update tests

* [wdr] Actualize comment

* [extractor/generic] Make title optional for jwplayer embeds (closes rg3#12410)

* [ChangeLog] Actualize

* release 2017.03.10

* [__init__] Fix missing subtitles if --add-metadata is used (rg3#12423)

The previous fix for rg3#5594 is incorrect

* [discoverygo:playlist] Add extractor (closes rg3#12424)

* [discoverygo] Bypass geo restriction

* [discoverygo] Actualize test

* [crunchyroll] Extract season name

* [streamable] Update API URL

* [openload] Fix extraction

Just a minor fix for openload

* [mitele] Add support for ooyala videos (closes rg3#12430)

* [telecinco] Add test for rg3#12430

* [facebook] Make title optional (closes rg3#12443)

* [Openload] Fixed Extraction

They did changed it again.

* [ChangeLog] Actualize

* release 2017.03.15

* [redbull] improve extraction

- extract 1080p quality
- correct ttml subtitle ext
- catch api errors
- reduce request size

* [extractor/generic] Add forgotten return for jwplayer formats

* [extractor/common] Extract SMIL formats from jwplayer

* [postprocessor/ffmpeg] Add support for flac

Requested at

* [options] Mention flac support and sort alphabetically among the audio formats

* [ChangeLog] Actualize

* release 2017.03.16

* [test_InfoExtractor] Add some realworld tests for _extract_jwplayer_data

* [openload] Fix extraction (closes rg3#10408)

Thanks to @makgun02


* [discoverynetworks] add support for more domains and bypass geo restiction

* [vtm] Add extractor (closes rg3#9974)

Implementation of the approach described in rg3#9974.

* [medialaan] Fix and improve extraction (closes rg3#11912)

* [openload] Fix extraction

* [adobepass] Detect and output error on authz token extraction (rg3#12472)

* [medialaan] Remove unrelated test

@Hrxn Hrxn referenced this issue May 12, 2017


TheScene Fails to Download #13061

4 of 8 tasks complete
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