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Support "rental" type videos (was: ERROR: unable to extract uploader nickname) #359

joshtriplett opened this Issue · 12 comments

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I attempted to download bnAsVApebL8, and got the error "ERROR: unable to extract uploader nickname".


Yes, it gives a bogus error message. But, it seems paid videos are not supported anyway.


That isn't a paid video, and all the other videos from the same uploader seem to work just fine; I don't see anything special about that video that should make it not work.


I get:

ERROR: YouTube said: The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

Trying to get around that to see if I can reproduce your error.


Hm. YouTube calls that a rental...


Hm. YouTube calls that a rental...

Most definitely not a rental. Just a normal video.


Launched a AWS EC2 instance to have a look from US.

Actually, there is a "Purchase" button, for something like buying other 40 seconds.
That makes the implementation different, probably possible, but I don't believe that so much effort is justified for such a rare occasion... Are these videos common?


Huh. I don't recall seeing that button when I last checked that video; strange. In any case, if this video really does work like other YouTube rentals, then I certainly understand youtube-dl not supporting it.


I'm adding a meaningful error message. I suggest to change the title of the bug to reflect the "rental" videos issue/feature request. Pull requests are welcome, obviously.

For future reference (it is not easy to check that outside of US) here are a log of a youtube-dl run with an added print video_info and a couple of screenshots (one with flash, one full page).

filosottile@filosottile-ubuntu:~/youtube-dl$ ./youtube-dl bnAsVApebL8
[youtube] Setting language
[youtube] bnAsVApebL8: Downloading video webpage
[youtube] bnAsVApebL8: Downloading video info webpage
{'status': ['ok'], 'ypc_module': [''], 'ypc_vid': ['bnAsVApebL8'], 'video_id': ['bnAsVApebL8'], 'vq': ['auto'], 'token': ['1'], 'partnerid': ['34'], 'ypc_video_rental_bar_text': ['Full video available for rent']}
ERROR: "rental" videos not supported



I have found a workaround: use -i option with youtube-dl to ignore warnings and errors and continue.
youtube-dl -i "Your Dailymotion URL"


I'm not sure it's the same as my issue #577. I've tried the option -i but to no avail. This might be my problem.


-i will definitely not help, and the userscripts discussion is not relevant to us, since we support rtmpdump.


Well. Relevant to me because if I knew about it I would never have issued an issue. So my issue might may be related to this issue then, #343
Anyway, thanks for taking your time with this.

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