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IRC log posted per filosottile:

(05:16:53 PM) Me: From 23 Wed:
(05:16:53 PM) Me: (12:10:23 PM) Me: QUERY: This is the URL YT gives me for a playlist. ydl grabs the first clip and stops. Any ideas?
(05:16:53 PM) Me: (12:22:02 PM) Me: I manually corrected that to playlist?p= format, and it seems to be working, but I could not find a way to get that format link from Youtube; should I file a bug on this?
(05:16:57 PM) FiloSottile: It come in a good time, I am looking into rewriting Playlist detection and handling
(05:17:18 PM) Me: That seems a common format of playlist link response lately; I see both formats.
(05:17:18 PM) FiloSottile: umh...
(05:17:31 PM) FiloSottile: we detect it as a single video (in a playlist)
(05:17:58 PM) Me: I have been sent from searches to playlists, and that was the URL format I got.
(05:18:11 PM) FiloSottile: umh... one could argue what the correct behavior is
(05:18:16 PM) Me: I couldn't, in fact, find a link to the playlist in the format you expect; as noted, I had to edit it by hand.
(05:18:25 PM) Me: Yeah, I see it.
(05:18:40 PM) FiloSottile: because when you visit that url, you watch a single video
(05:18:43 PM) Me: I would argue if there is Playnext and List, they want the lsit.
(05:18:52 PM) Me: No, I play on into the playlist.
(05:18:56 PM) Me: playnext=1
(05:20:06 PM) FiloSottile: If there's no UI to get the playlist link
(05:20:19 PM) FiloSottile: I am for downloading the full playlist, even if it's really suboptimal


FiloSottile commented Feb 4, 2013

@phihag This is not a great situation. The link points to a single video, and you copy it from a window where a single video is playing; however it is the default playlist flow now and there's no way to retrieve the PL url...

I am for downloading the playlist, what do you say?


phihag commented Feb 5, 2013

The UI looks like a playlist, so go ahead and download that playlist.

I'm having trouble with this playlist this the same issue or should I file a new issue report?

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From: "Christoffer Holmstedt"

I'm having trouble with this playlist this the
same issue or should I file a new issue report?

[ I think I can reply to this by email; I'm new here ]

No, this bug has to do with YT returning URLs to playlists which use the
playnext and list arguments to /watch?, as noted in the IRC log.

The URL you cite is the format that YDL is supposed already to parse.

If you have a problem with one like that, it's probably a separate issue
(as I have successfully grabbed such with a relatively current update).


-- jra

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Thanks @Baylink-gh I submitted issue report #673.

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