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jaimeMF commented Nov 3, 2013

There've been some requests (like #1626) for having a CHANGELOG. While we have one, it has only been used for one version. I personally think that it would be useful to maintain a changelog; for users, packages maintainers and developers that use the module.
For that reason I've done some modifications so that we can edit the changes for the version in development in the @DEV@ section of the, and the script will set the correct version when run.
Additionally the changes will be added to the versions.json file and to the atom feed (using pandoc).

phihag commented Nov 3, 2013

Thanks for all the work, but I don't see why the git log - maybe sans some minor changes - should not be sufficient as a changelog. I for one will certainly not duplicate it in a text file, and strongly oppose even just editing it by renaming it. I like the regular and rapid releases, and the release process is already way too complicated as it is.

How about instead of manually keeping a changelog, we simply append the output of

git log --no-merges --pretty='format:%s'

since the last release? I'd be fine with being able to edit that interactively during the release process.

rbrito commented Nov 7, 2013

Hey, thanks for taking distributors requests in consideration. For me, whatever provides information for my users (and me, of course) is welcome.

leesei commented Nov 7, 2013

I also reckon that git log from last release is enough.
There are some minor changes here and there creating noises, but that could be solved by adhering to a commit line format.
DRY, right?

phihag commented Jan 8, 2015

Sorry, but I do not think a separate CHANGELOG file would be useful enough to warrant updating it with basically every commit. I am open to providing a semi-automatically-generated CHANGELOG, provided that someone suggests the code that drops me from the release script into an editor prefilled with all commits (plus some intelligence, for example removing merge commits and summarizing new extractors since the last release).

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