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Initial implementation of SOCKS4/SOCKS5 support #305

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thmttch commented Mar 8, 2012


I hacked together support for SOCKS proxies using some code I found ( It works for me, but I haven't tested it any more than that (yet).

How do you feel about putting this back into master? There's a few problems right now, mainly that the socks code is in separate files (and they're not tiny, ~400 lines), so it breaks the nice, clean "download this script and run it" experience.

Let me know what you think. Cheers!


rg3 commented Mar 8, 2012

youtube-dl is released to the public domain. This module would introduce a dependency on MIT-licensed sources.

thmttch commented Mar 13, 2012

Got it, fair enough. I'll close this pull request then.

@thmttch thmttch closed this Mar 13, 2012
@FiloSottile FiloSottile referenced this pull request Aug 19, 2012

SOCKS proxy support #402


I've written an public domain socks wrapper for python:

@yan12125 yan12125 referenced this pull request Apr 23, 2016

SOCKS proxy support #9287

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