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"Pure RSpec!" talk at budapest.rb, November 2010 (original content by and credit: Jon "L4rk" Larkowski)
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Pure RSpec budapest.rb!

This a fork of Jon "L4rk" Larkowski's presentation at the RubyNation conference, April 10, 2010 represented at November 18, 2010 at the budapest.rb Ruby Meetup in Budapest, Hungary.

How cool is that? A presentation forked.

All credit is due @L4rk for showing me and others the Pure RSpec way. I'm just spreading the word.

Because once you go Pure RSpec, you'll always have DRY spec.


Code cleaner RSpec using the latest features and patterns: let, subject, shared examples, shoulda, and more.


Go beyond the well-worn fundamentals of RSpec. No more will you simply set a bunch of instance variables in before-each blocks. We'll explore the latest (and apparently not-super-well-known) features of RSpec. And not just technical syntax, but also the higher-level patterns and refactorings implied. Topics include: let, subject, its, expect, shared examples, shoulda matchers, stub_chain, unstub, spork, rspactor, and havering on.

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