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What is it?

A JavaScript plugin which shows a message to install the web application on iPhone devices(on Safari browser). This will be useful if you are building a progressive web application. If you don't know what progressive web applications are, head over to Progressive web apps blog by Google

Why is it required

Though service workers are not yet supported on Safari, we can still achieve a lot using HTML5 application cache and localStorage. And Safari does support launching your application in a full screen mode using just a meta-tag. (Refer Safari meta-tags to know more).

This is a feature chrome has recently released where it checks that if your web app is using service workers and shows a banner to install the application to the home screen. Official blog by Google

I believe that this is a really cool feature to have and I thought of bringing the same feature to the iOS devices.

Screenshots and Demo

Working demo of the plugin: Full GIF


A JS plugin for iPhone Safari to show overlay to add application to home screen for progressive web application.






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