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move com.twitter.service.flock.Reset into gizzard
move com.twitter.results into gizzard or its own package.
move ByteSwapper into gizzard
merge in Gizzard's no_reflection branch.
move StatsCollectingQuery where??
create a `main` file by copying glock
create simple exceptionWrappingProxy using new gizzard niceness interface (cf Rowz)
rename Edges.scala to Flockdb.scala
figure out where Flock.thrift goes
move State into com.twitter.flockdb; make a copy for Groups; they're only identical on accident. not the same thing.
copy the production.conf config from glock (but be careful with passwords!!!!)
rename Edges.thrift Flock.thrift
figure out how to package conf file??
make sure it works in development mode
use flocker.rb to create a bunch of shards
use the ruby gem to insert a bunch of data and make a bunch of queries.
write readme's.
write blog post.