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+ Build history
+ Display queue
+ Display workers
+ Ability to log in w/ Github OAuth
- Ability to subscribe to own/watched repositories

- Worker VMs
- Security

- Build dependencies (triggering builds for other commits)
- Build success/failure pub/sub workers (currently sending out emails inline w/ sendgrid)
- Build matrices (run against different ruby versions and/or Gemfiles)
- Worker capabilities (inspect installed rubies etc, use for subscribing to queues)
- Lists (group repositories)


+ ActiveRecord::Base.include_root_in_json = false
+ Load indicator for builds history
- Notify clients about new workers

Build Matrix

  • Build has a flag matrix which selects a different template for rendering
  • Matrix builds spawn child builds for each of the axis/value combinations
  • Build children can be viewed through a separate route
  • Builds collection can overwrite #add so that build children are added to their parents instead of the collection