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Opencart API

Opencart extension for remotely work with the OpenCart 1.5.+ via the REST API, coding style based in opencart-webapi (ethernet1), using functions list style from API2CART.


Product Management Functions

  • product.get: Return full product information (by ID or SKU).
  • product.list: Return products list with limited information (ID, Name, Price, Thumbnail). Set optional parameter category_id to get products list into the specified category.
  • product.count: Return store products count. Set optional parameter category_id to get products count into the specified category.

Category Management Functions

  • category.get: Return full Category information (by ID).
  • category.list: Get categories list with limited information (ID, Name, Description, Href, Image).
  • category.count: Return shopping cart categories count.

Customer Management Functions

  • customer.get: Return full Customer information (by ID, Email or Token).
  • customer.add: Add new customer to the store. Return ID.

Store Management Functions

  • store.get: Return store config parameters.

Information Management Functions

  • information.get: Return information from page by ID


Product Management Functions

  • product.add: Add new product to the shopping cart.
  • product.update: Update price and stock for a specific product
  • product.delete: Remove specified product from the shopping cart (by ID or SKU)
  • product.latest
  • product.popular
  • product.bestseller

Customer Management Functions

  • customer.list: Get customers list with limited information.

Cart Management Functions

Order Management Functions

  • order.get
  • order.list
  • order.count
  • order.add
  • order.update


This software is distributed under the GNU GPL V3 License.


Module to remotely work with the OpenCart 1.5.+ via the REST API.



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