Debian package for statistically sampling profiles of python runs using cProfile
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This package uses dpkg-divert to wrap the standard python interpreter.

Source available form github:
Pregenerated debs from packagecloud

The wrapper adds ARGS in the XPYADD_ARGS environment variables to 
the python command line. Also if PROFILING is defined it may run the 
script under the cProfile modules profiler.

If profiling is enable the wrapper checks the /etc/python-autoprofile/PROFILING_FREQ
file to enable statistical sampling of requests. If this file is empty
or then no-prfiling is done.

Otherwise the contents of the file are treated as an integer describing the fraction
of scritps to profile. ie. If the file contains '20'  5%  of the invocations on the 
python cause a profiled run of python.

Each profiled invocation of python writes the stats file to 
/var/spool/autoprofile/ with a unique generated file based on the host name
it was run on the timestamp, and the name of the script.

This information allows you to coallesce the data from multiple servers in
a cluster without losing the information of which one ran each script.

Additionally you should be able to target historic information on specific