A way of view add editing timelines with relative dates support for events.
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A JS /HTML5 timeline editing visualisation tool.


Uses the babel compiler (npm install -g babel ) Builds are managed with make. Dependencies are managed with Bower..

Getting Started

make sure you have a node environment with bower and babel.

To do this on a linux box I recommended running the following:-

virtualenv env
. env/bin/activate
pip install nodeenv
nodeenv -p              #Can take a long time
npm install -g babel
npm install -g bower

Then you should be able to run make to build this project with the make utility , which you run with 'make' . Make should be come installed as standard linux and Macs

All the deliverables are in html and lib at the moment.

A demo page of the built application is on my website at http://backslashat.org/timeline/html/timeline.html


Add lots of CSS to make the forms look pretty. Allow relative setting f the end, and referneces of the end value of other events. Fix save bug with relative events created the UI.