This is my blog site, all content and configs available for reuse under the MIT License.
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A Jekyll powered blog. Mostly this content is for my own records, just in case I need to come back to it in the future. Others might find some posts useful as they record the results of my research and experimetnation in software.

It's more likely that someone would want to pick up my Jekyll and Bootstrap confguration. This was kick started by Jekyll Bootstrap but since that is unmaintained and I don't want to spend all my time generalizing the design it quickly moved away to a custom config for my own site.

Running Locally in Dev Mode

When writing posts it is useful to be able to make edits and see them immedietely in the browser. It's also useful to have the _drafts folder rendered so that you can check those contents too. To do this run


You will have a server listening on port 80.

Testing with Docker

There is a Dockerfile included that makes it easy to test that there are no syntax errors in the site that will prevent it from being built. Simply run:


Contributions and Reuse Welcome

I welcome contributions to both content and configuration, though in reality I dont's expect to see any.

All content is under the MIT license. Please link back to me if you use anything from here and please contribute back if you improve things.