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Base Converter — RGB Studios

A simple number base converter with a reference chart


Convert between binary2, octal8, decimal10 and hex16.

View, download, or print our quick reference chart (available here)

If applicable, the corresponding row in the chart will be highlighted.

Click "Arithmetic" for operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and even enter your inputs in two different bases and convert to a third.

Only supports bases up to 36.

View your conversion history, download it, or clear it.

Click the fullscreen button to go fullscreen, great for a classroom setting.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use Tab and Shift+Tab to navigate inputs

Hit Enter (or Tab) to calculate other values

Use the arrow keys to increment or decrement your input


Base Converter scales well for mobile, and is also available as a progressive web app.



Calculator and gear images from


Version 1.1.0

by Justin Golden for RGB Studios