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GRV is a terminal interface for viewing git repositories
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GRV - Git Repository Viewer Build Status

GRV is a terminal based interface for viewing Git repositories. It allows refs, commits and diffs to be viewed, searched and filtered. The behaviour and style can be customised through configuration. A query language can be used to filter refs and commits, see the Documentation section for more information.


More screenshots can be seen here


  • Commits and refs can be filtered using a query language.
  • Changes to the repository are captured by monitoring the filesystem allowing the UI to be updated automatically.
  • Organised as tabs and splits. Custom tabs and splits can be created using any combination of views.
  • Vi like keybindings by default, key bindings can be customised.
  • Custom themes can be created.
  • Mouse support.
  • Commit Graph.


Documentation for GRV is available here


Note: grv is currently an alias used by oh-my-zsh. Add unalias grv to the end of your .zshrc to invoke GRV.


Static binaries are available for Linux. For example, to use the amd64 binary run the following steps:

wget -O grv
chmod +x ./grv
./grv -repoFilePath /path/to/repo


GRV is available in homebrew and can be installed with:

brew install grv


GRV can be installed as a binary package

pkg install grv

or from ports

cd /usr/ports/devel/grv && make install clean

Build instructions

Go version 1.8 or later is required. GRV depends on the following libraries:

  • libncursesw
  • libreadline
  • libcurl
  • cmake (to build libgit2)

Building GRV on OSX requires homebrew, and for readline, pkg-config, and cmake to be installed using homebrew:

brew install readline pkg-config cmake

To install GRV run:

go get -d
cd $GOPATH/src/
make install

To install grv with an alternative binary name change the last step to:

make install BINARY=NewBinaryName

where NewBinaryName is the alternative name to use instead.

The steps above will install GRV to $GOPATH/bin. A static libgit2 will be built and included in GRV when built this way. Alternatively if libgit2 version 0.27 is installed on your system GRV can be built normally:

go install ./cmd/grv
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