Little challenges to up your Hacktoberfest game!
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Hacktoberfest 2018 Code Challenges

The point of this repository is to allow anyone to start contributing on a public repository.


You first need to fork the repository, then go in the directory and run:

# Install the dependencies

How to participate

  1. Find an issue that is not assigned yet
  2. Implement it so that it passes both the linting and the tests (check with yarn lint src/theFunction.js src/theNewKata.test.js and yarn test src/theFunction.test.js)
  3. Add a test case for a new function. You can use yarn generate <function_name> to create the two new files.
  4. Create your Pull Request
  5. Create an issue for your new feature


  • Each PR should contain exactly 3 files: your implementation, and 2 files for a new kata. All pull requests that do not follow this rule will be closed immediately.
  • If you take too much time to complete an issue/PR, it will be closed and de-assigned from you
  • Make sure your implementation passes the previous tests before opening a Pull Request.
  • Do not use any npm package, it's no fun


Running yarn generate theFunction, would generate the two following files.

You only need to edit the test file, the actual implementation will be left to someone else!


export const theFunction = () => {


import { theFunction } from './theFunction';

 * Example of the assertions you can use for your tests:
 * - Testing equality between the function's output and a constant:
 * expect(theFunction()).toEqual(123);
 * - Testing that the function returns null:
 * expect(theFunction()).toBeNull();
 * - Testing that the function returns a falsy value (eg. false, 0, "")
 * expect(theFunction()).toBeFalsy();
 * - Testing that the function returns a truthy value (eg. true, 1, "abc")
 * expect(theFunction()).toBeTruthy();
 * - Testing that the function throws
 * expect(() => { theFunction(); }).toThrow();

describe('theFunction', () => {
  it('theFunction does this thing...', () => {
    // TODO Your own assertion here

  it('theFunction does that other thing...', () => {
    // TODO Your own assertion here

  it('theFunction does a very cool thing...', () => {
    // TODO Your own assertion here