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Some custom Spacemacs layers that I found useful
Emacs Lisp JavaScript
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This repository contains some custom Spacemacs layers.


Copy the desired layer(s) into the private layers directory of Spacemacs (defaults to ~/.spacemacs.d/private). Then add them to dotspacemacs-configuration-layers in the .spacemacs file.

Provided layers

  • frames: Add a transient state for frame configuration
  • latexp: Additions/improvements for latex layer of Spacemacs.
  • orgp: Additions/improvements for org layer of Spacemacs.
  • pythonp: Additions/improvements for the python layer of Spacemacs
  • umlauts: Make better use of umlauts when using a German keyboard layout.
  • web-search: Quick access to web search and Google translate (alternative to search-engine layer of Spacemacs).

Older layers

  • elpy: Work with Python in a style similar to ESS (alternative to python layer of Spacemacs).
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