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Redis client library for Ocaml

ocaml-redis implements the client spec of the Redis key-value store. This version is aimed to be compatible with Redis 2.2, and is not compatible with earlier versions.

Example Usage

>> let conn = Redis.create_connection ()
    Redis.lpush "redis" "works" conn;
    Redis.lpush "redis" "fast" conn;
    Redis.lpush "redis" "simple" conn;
    List.map Redis.string_of_bulk_data
        (Redis.lrange "redis" 0 2 conn);
["simple"; "fast"; "works"]


To build the library,

rake library

should do the trick. From there, you will have to statically link build/redis.cmx, build/redis.cmo and build/redis.cmi with your code.


To run all the unit tests, execute:

rake test

To run a simple smoke test on a redis server you do not mind completely wiping running on your localhost, execute:

rake smoke_test


See the issue tracker