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INTENT2 is a rewrite of the INterlinear Text ENrichment Toolkit, the result of my doctoral dissertation research [pdf].

The main goals of this rewrite are to increase the ease of distribution, allowing for a simple download and pip install using pure python, whenever possible.

What does it Do?

INTENT2 ingests Xigt-formatted Interlinear Glossed Text (IGT), and performs:

  • Heuristic alignment between translation and gloss lines
  • Part-of-speech tagging
    • Via projection from translation line using induced alignments
    • Via classification on gloss words
  • Dependency parsing
    • Via projection from translation line using induced alignments


INTENT2 requires Python 3.5 or later.

pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install .

This will install the intent script, as well as the following scripts:

  • merge-xigt
  • Takes multiple IGT files that may contain markup for the same instances, and merges into a single file, retaining markup from both where possible.
  • intent-train-classifier
  • Train a classifier for identifying part-of-speech tags on the gloss line of instances.
  • intent-eval-pos
  • Evaluates the performance of POS tag classification and projection.
  • Requires a file containing existing POS tags for comparison.
  • intent-filter
  • Given a xigt-xml document, output a new document that contains only instances with the specified features (L,G,T lines, L↔︎G alignment, etc).
  • intent
    • The main enrichment script.

N.B.** Currently, the code is in an alpha stage. Not all of the functionality is implemented, and what is may contain bugs.

Running Enrichment

In order to enrich a Xigt-XML document, you should run the intent script after running installation. The usage of the main script is as follows:

usage: intent [-h] -i INPUT -o OUTPUT [-v] [--no-align] [--no-posproject]
              [--no-dsproject] [--no-posclass] [-c CLASSIFIER]
              [--ignore-import-errors] [--ds-thresh DS_THRESH]
              [--ds-pngs DS_PNGS] [--aln-pngs ALN_PNGS]
intent: error: the following arguments are required: -i/--input, -o/--output
  • The -i file specifies the file you wish to enrich, and the -o the output file.
  • If you wish to use the gloss-POS classification, a model must be specified with -c or --classifier,
  • The --ds-pngs and --aln-pngs arguments will specify a directory into which PNG visualizations of the dependency structures and alignments will be generated, one per enriched instance.

Enrichment Output

INTENT2 will utilize segmentation provided in the input if present, but

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