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Ron Georgia edited this page Dec 15, 2018 · 10 revisions

Welcome to the Infinity (DE for NetBSD) wiki!

This is a place were we can gather our thoughts, ideas and set a "north star."

Road Map

  1. What makes a "good" desktop?
    1. What are good default settings for conf files?
    2. What needs to be "tuned" to prevent applications from core dumping, i.e. firefox?
    3. How to setup up basic desktop needs: like audio; watching video, both local and web; video tuning; file sharing; email; editors; "Office" type apps.
  2. Create an "auto install" package.
    1. Auto installs all packages.
    2. Updates all conf files and tunables.
    3. Creates necessary directories, files and profiles in users home directory.
    4. Launch all needed (freshly installed) services
    5. Reboot (should bring to login screen)
  3. Provide various desktop options
    1. Typical or Default
    2. Developers
    3. Security Researcher (Just a nice way of saying "Hacker." It would be like Kali but for NetBSD)
  4. Bring lessons learned from "auto install" package into initial NetBSD install
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