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US elections optimization with PuLP library
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This is a very simple analysis of the US Presidential Elections intended to minimize the % of the total population needed in order to win the elections.

The application is build with Flask and it used PuLP library for optimization.

Python libraries requirements:

Linear Programming solvers requirements (at least one):

How to use:

  1. Download the repository locally git clone
  2. cd PuLP
  3. Run the application with python run
  4. Access the application via web browser localhost:8001

API access points:

  1. localhost:8001/opt1 - bin assignment problem
  2. localhost:8001/opt2/0 - knapsack problem version 1
  3. localhost:8001/opt2/1 - knapsack problem version 2

For details on the above API access points check the blog at this link.

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