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This project is a rails app that allows you to take the RSS feed from a Weebly blog, and import all your posts to Tumblr. Authentication on Tumblr is done using OAuth 1.0a, so there is no need for the app to collect credentials from the user. This app was built as a way for me to move my own blog from Weebly to Tumblr, as I could not find any good importing mechanism.
When the posts are imported, only the title, body, and date of the post are preserved. At the time that this project was started, comments and tags were not available in the Weebly RSS feeds, and hence none of that data is moved over to Tumblr. The posts imported to Tumblr preserve the date that the post was written, so your post archive on Tumblr should be accurate.
If you would like to fork this project, please be sure to acquire your own Tumblr OAuth keys, and change the variables "consumer_key" and "secret" within the import_controller.rb file.
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