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nfqsed is a command line utility that transparently modifies network traffic using a predefined set of substitution rules. It runs on Linux and uses the netfilter_queue library. It is similar to netsed but it also allows modifying the network traffic passing through an ethernet bridge. This is especially useful in situations where the source MAC address needs to stay unchanged.


nfqsed -s /val1/val2 [-s /val1/val2] [-f file] [-v] [-q num]
    -s val1/val2     - replaces occurences of val1 with val2 in the packet payload
    -f file          - read replacement rules from the specified file
    -q num           - bind to queue with number 'num' (default 0)
    -v               - be verbose


Replace occurrences of foo with bar and occurrences of good with evil in all forwarded packets that have destination port 554:

# iptables -A FORWARD -p tcp --destination-port 554 -j NFQUEUE --queue-num 0
# nfqsed -s /foo/bar -s /good/evil


  • UDP support
  • different lengths of val1 and val2
  • binary rules