Command line app for controlling Philips air purifiers
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Command line application for controlling Philips air purifiiers. It is tested with Philips Air Purifier AC2729 but it should work with other models as well.


Python 3.4+ is required. Install with pip3:

$ pip3 install py-air-control


Getting the current status of device with IP

$ airctrl
[pwr]   Power: ON
[pm25]  PM25: 4
[rh]    Humidity: 32
[rhset] Target humidity: 60
[iaql]  Allergen index: 1
[temp]  Temperature: 22
[func]  Function: Purification & Humidification
[mode]  Mode: M
[om]    Fan speed: 2
[aqil]  Light brightness: 100
[wl]    Water level: 100
[cl]    Child lock: False

You can change settings by using the prefix in the square brackets as a command line option. For example to set fan speed 2:

$ airctrl --om 2

Set target humidity to 50%:

$ airctrl --rhset 50

Change function to "Purification":

$ airctrl --func P

Power off the device:

$ airctrl --pwr 0

and so on

To get filters status:

$ airctrl --filters
Pre-filter and Wick: clean in 245 hours
Wick filter: replace in 3965 hours
Active carbon filter: replace in 1565 hours
HEPA filter: replace in 3965 hours