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Android wallet for UBIC
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UBIC Wallet

UBIC is a crypto-project that is meant to democratize money creation - minting new currency in favor of everyone, not only in favor of the financial sector.

UBIC works like a basic income on a blockchain, UBIC can as well provide a governance layer for other projects that require democratic voting or kyc.

To join UBIC you are required to proof the uniqueness of an e-passport with a Non-transferable proof of Signatur-Knowledge connected to that E-Passport.

Your identity is NOT revealed that way to other participants of the system.

Sybil attacks - a bad actor trying to fake multiple identities to cast multiple votes or to receive multiple basic incomes at once - are much harder with UBIC that way then with any other project.

UBIC will soon allow reliable pseudonymous voting (one person, one vote) and other applications as well that require a functionality to avoid sybil attacks.

The UBIC-Smartphone-Wallet is in an early stage but does provide all basic functionalities a Wallet requires. You can send transactions, receive them and register a passport in order to get your UBIC cryptoUBI.

If you like the idea of the project you can support its development on github:

Get it on Google Play Get it on F-Droid

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