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App Stack

Creates the FunctionCI application.

Step 1 - Create Slack App

Login to your Slack team, navigate to, and click Start Building.

Step 2 - Encrypt Slack Verification Token

Encrypt your VerificationToken and add it to _cim.yml.

Step 3 - Create Slack Bot

Create a bot user.

Step 4 - Install Slack to Team

Install your app. Then encrypt your Bot User OAuth Access Token and add it to _cim.yml.

Step 5 - Create Github Token

Create a Github personal access token with repo and admin:repo_hook permissions. Then encrypt the Github Token and add it to _cim.yml.

Step 6 - Install the stack

Install the app stack using the following CIM command: cim stack-up.

Deploy the Lambda using the following CIM command: cim deploy-lambda.

Record the stack outputs, you will need them in the next 2 steps:

  • SlackInteractiveComponentsUrl
  • SlackSlashCommandsUrl

Step 7 - Add the Interactive Components Slack Feature

Us the SlackInteractiveComponentsUrl from the stack output as the Request Url.

Step 8 - Add Slack Slash Command

Us the SlackSlashCommandsUrl from the stack output as the Request Url.

Step 9 - Add Slack Permissions

Add the following permissions to your Slack app under the Oauth & Permissions section.

  • channels:read
  • chat:write:bot
  • groups:read

Step 10 - Reinstall your app

After making these changes to your Slack app you will have to reinstall it.

Step 11 - Start using your FunctionCI bot

Now you're ready to start using your FunctionCI Slack bot.

If you want to use your bot in private channels you'll have to invite it. /invite functionci.

Check out the FunctionCI Commands to get started building and deploying your Lambda's.

Here is an example project:

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