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Currently a fork of Gimp, reimplementing the foreground extraction tool
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Latest commit f794c07 Simos Xenitellis l10n: Replaced ... with … for Greek translation
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app app/text: nuke gimpfont-utils.[ch]
build Added plug-ins.ico to EXTRA_DIST
data remove garbage I injected
devel-docs app/text: nuke gimpfont-utils.[ch]
docs Update gimprc
libgimp Bug 596410 - gimp-image-get-filename returns NULL for imported files
libgimpbase libgimpbase: fix Win32 import/export of the gimp_foo_version variables
libgimpcolor libgimp*: update .def files after cairo functions moved between libs
libgimpconfig libgimpwidgets/color: move the cairo color utility functions to libgi…
libgimpmath libgimp*: add guards that #error out if individual files are included
libgimpmodule libgimp*: add guards that #error out if individual files are included
libgimpthumb libgimp*: add guards that #error out if individual files are included
libgimpwidgets Add gimp_button_event_triggers_context_menu() and use it
plug-ins Add gimp_button_event_triggers_context_menu() and use it
po-plug-ins Updated French translation
po-tags Added da to list of languages for gimp-tags
po-tips Updated Belarusian translation.
po l10n: Replaced ... with … for Greek translation
themes themes: remove the experimental dark style for overlay widgets
.gitignore Add cscope effects to .gitignore
AUTHORS Bug 596410 - gimp-image-get-filename returns NULL for imported files
COPYING Change licence to GPLv3 (and to LGPLv3 for libgimp).
ChangeLog.pre-1-0 changelog split up
ChangeLog.pre-1-2 converted to utf-8
ChangeLog.pre-2-2 Copied current ChangeLog away and truncated it.
ChangeLog.pre-2-4 renamed the pre-2.4 ChangeLog
ChangeLog.pre-2-6 Applied changes based on official version of TinyScheme (CVS commit d…
ChangeLog.pre-git Applied changes based on official version of TinyScheme (CVS commit d…
HACKING Minor formating fix in HACKING
INSTALL Update build documentation for removal of gimp-remote
LICENSE cosmetics.
MAINTAINERS adjusted to enforced gnome-svn standards :-( Fixes two minor issues when builddir != srcdir
NEWS Bug 659084 - git-version.h can't be generated from shallow repositories
NEWS.pre-2-2 added NEWS for the stable branch (no, we haven't branched yet).
NEWS.pre-2-4 NEWS and ChangeLog changes for GIMP 2.4
NEWS.pre-2-6 bumped version to 2.6.1 (interface age 1).
README.i18n Convert Subversion references to git
acinclude.m4 m4macros: Delete gtk-doc.m4, gtkdocize gives us a symlink
authors.dtd authors.dtd: Update
authors.xml Bug 596410 - gimp-image-get-filename returns NULL for imported files
authors.xsl Also put maintainers separately in AUTHORS build: Remove --enable-maintainer-mode as it's now the default
config.h.win32 updated msvc build add ENABLE_TOOLBOX_MENU, it should only vanish on Mac build: Rename HAVE_EXIF define to HAVE_LIBEXIF Drop the timestamp from the zip file names. Add the .pc files to the
gimp.doap use a shorter description in the gimp.doap file
gimpdefs.msc updated include <string.h> for memcmp() include <string.h> for strcmp() use GCheckSum instead of the MD5 routine from libgimpmath. require gimp-2.0 >= $GIMP_APP_VERSION.
makefile.msc updated include <string.h> for memcmp() include <string.h> for strcmp()


                   GNU Image Manipulation Program
                         Development Branch

GIMP 2.7 replaces earlier GIMP 2.x versions. It is advised that you
uninstall them before installing GIMP 2.7. If you want to keep your
older GIMP 2.x installation in parallel to GIMP 2.7, you have to
choose a separate prefix which is not in your default library search
path. Otherwise your prevoius GIMP installation will start to use the
new libraries. You have been warned.

If you think you found a bug in this version, please make sure that it
hasn't been reported earlier and that it is not just new stuff that is
still being worked on and obviously not quite finished yet.

If you want to hack on GIMP, please read the file HACKING. For
detailed installation instructions, see the file INSTALL.

1. Web Resources

GIMP's home page is at:

Please be sure to visit this site for information, documentation,
tutorials, news, etc.  All things GIMP-ish are available from there.

The automated plug-in registry is located at:

There you can get the latest versions of plug-ins, using a convenient
forms-based interface.

The latest version of GIMP can be found at:

2. Mailing Lists

We have several mailing lists dedicated to GIMP user and development
discussion.  There is more info at

Links to several archives of the mailing lists are included in that page.

Gimp-announce is a low-traffic list with announcements about new
releases of GIMP and plug-ins. Gimp-user is a mailing list dedicated
to user problems, hints and tips, discussion of cool effects, etc.
Gimp-developer is oriented to GIMP core and plug-in developers.  Most
people will only want to be subscribed to gimp-user. If you want to
help develop GIMP, the gimp-developer mailing list is a good starting

3. IRC

And finally, for the real junkies, there is an IRC channel devoted to
GIMP. On GIMPNet (a private free software oriented network) there is
#gimp.  Many of the developers hang out there.  Some of the GIMPNet
servers are:

4. Customizing

The look of GIMP's interface can be customized like any other GTK app
by editing the ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file or by using "themes" (ready-made
customizations).  For downloadable themes and further details, see . Additionally, GIMP reads the file
~/.gimp-2.7/gtkrc so you can have settings that only apply to GIMP.

Included is a set of keybindings similar to those in Adobe Photoshop.
You can find them in the ps-menurc file.  To use them, copy this file
to ~/.gimp-2.7/menurc. You can also manually change the keybindings to
any of your choice by editing ~/.gimp-2.7/menurc.

Have fun,

  Spencer Kimball
  Peter Mattis
  Federico Mena
  Manish Singh
  Sven Neumann
  Michael Natterer
  Dave Neary
  Martin Nordholts
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