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Commits on Apr 3, 2012
  1. ! Changed png again

  2. - Removed some defines

  3. c Minor cleanups

  4. ! Fixed typo

  5. Updated Slovenian translation

    Martin Srebotnjak authored Matej Urbančič committed
Commits on Apr 2, 2012
  1. @hodefoting

    post release bump to 0.2.1

    hodefoting authored
  2. @hodefoting

    bump version to 0.2.0

    hodefoting authored
  3. @hodefoting
  4. @hodefoting
  5. @hodefoting

    mark gamma test as broken

    hodefoting authored
  6. @hodefoting

    global-matting: resynced with rggjan's repo

    authored hodefoting committed
    ! Changed matting reference image
    ! Fixed Copyright
    + Added levels to gegl chant for matting
    + Better adaption to gimp HACKORDNUNG
    c Adapted user message
    c Cleanup
    - Removed unused function
    ! Fixed nasty memory bug
  7. NEWS: remove doubled spaces

    Mikael Magnusson authored
  8. @hodefoting

    gegl-init: default to not use OpenCL

    hodefoting authored
    For the upcoming release only,. it is not stable enough to be enabled by
    defualt, memory leaks and some imprecisions are currently blocking it.
  9. @hodefoting
  10. @hodefoting

    operation: remove processor code for SIMD dispatch

    hodefoting authored
    No longer needed, using OpenCL is better.
  11. @hodefoting
  12. @hodefoting
  13. Bug 656272: Affine transformations are wrong

    Massimo Valentini authored
  14. @jonnor

    Remove gegl_processor_destroy also from header

    jonnor authored
    The function was removed in
  15. @hodefoting
  16. @hodefoting

    GeglColor: remove gegl_color_get_rgba4f

    hodefoting authored
    gegl_color_get_pixel with babl_format ("RGBA float"), serves the same purpose.
  17. @hodefoting
  18. @hodefoting

    add GEGL_RECTANGLE macro using a compound literal

    hodefoting authored
    A utility macro to specify a pointer to a GeglRectangle inline, permits
    more concicse
  19. @hodefoting
  20. @hodefoting
  21. @hodefoting
  22. @hodefoting
  23. Correct some typos and remove duplications

    Mikael Magnusson authored
  24. @MichaelMure

    NEWS: small typo

    MichaelMure authored
  25. @hodefoting
  26. @MichaelMure
  27. @MichaelMure
  28. @hodefoting
  29. @hodefoting
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