An angular directive that includes a Datepicker and a time range picker
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A datetime picker for range between two calendars and time sliders

[TODO - brief summary]



See bower.json and index.html in the gh-pages branch for a full list / more details


  1. download the files
    1. Bower
      1. add "datetimeRangePicker": "latest" to your bower.json file then run bower install OR run bower install datetimeRangePicker
  2. include the files in your app
    1. range-picker.min.js
    2. range-picker.less OR range-picker.min.css OR range-picker.css
  3. include the module in angular (i.e. in app.js) - rgkevin.datetimeRangePicker

See the gh-pages branch, files bower.json and index.html for a full example.


See the range-picker.js file top comments for usage examples and documentation