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elasticsearch installer for windows.
Pascal C JavaScript Inno Setup Batchfile Makefile


Download the binaries from:


This directory contains the files needed to create the elasticsearch setup
program for Windows.

You first need to install Unicode Inno Setup from:

NB Get the isetup-5.5.4-unicode.exe file.

And then, only, msys from MinGW by following the guide at:

And then install the TDM64 bundle from:

And then install PhantomJS from:

And add everything into your PATH.

You should now be ready to build the setup with:


It should create two files with the name pattern:


These are the only files that need to be redistributed.

NB If the above step complains about a missing unzip.exe or wget.exe, you
   can install them with:

        mingw-get install msys-unzip
        mingw-get install msys-wget

The setup will do the following when installing the application:

 * install all files into Program Files (the user can change the
   actual location)

 * create the elasticsearch Windows account (with Logon as service

 * install a Windows Service to automatically start elasticsearch
   (run as the elasticsearch account) at boot (but has to be manually
   started after install...).

 * grant the elasticsearch account:
     * read permissions to the "config" directory.
     * full permissions to the "data" and "logs" directories.

 * create a bunch of Start Menu entries (link to home page, guide, etc).

If you need to modify any service related setting (e.g. the maximum
memory used by the JVM) edit the file:


And then run it in a Administrator Command Prompt.


The setup uses SetACL.exe to grant NTFS file permissions to the
elasticsearch account. SetACL can be download from:

The setup uses procrun.exe to launch elasticsearch as a Windows service.
procrun is included in the Apache Commons Daemon project available at:

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