This is a terraform provider for the Vultr cloud
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This is a terraform provider for the Vultr cloud.

See the example.

WARNING this is a work-in-progress. do not use in production.


Setup the Go workspace:

mkdir -p terraform-provider-vultr/src/
cd terraform-provider-vultr
git clone src/
export GOPATH=$PWD
export PATH=$PWD/bin:$PATH
hash -r # reset bash path

Get the dependencies:

go get
go get

Build and test:

cd src/
go build
go test

Copy it to the final directory:

cp terraform-provider-vultr* $GOPATH/bin

Register it in terraform at ~/.terraformrc:

providers {
    vultr = "$GOPATH/bin/terraform-provider-vultr"

Try the example:

cd example
export TF_LOG_PATH=$PWD/terraform.log
terraform init
terraform plan
terraform apply
terraform show
terraform output default_password
ssh root@$(terraform output ipv4_address)
terraform destroy

Using the vultr CLI

List available regions:

vultr regions

At time of writing these were the available regions:

40      Singapore       Asia            SG                  false       SGP
25      Tokyo           Asia            JP                  false       NRT
19      Sydney          Australia       AU                  false       SYD
7       Amsterdam       Europe          NL                  false       AMS
9       Frankfurt       Europe          DE                  false       FRA
8       London          Europe          GB                  false       LHR
24      Paris           Europe          FR                  false       CDG
6       Atlanta         North America   US          GA      false       ATL
2       Chicago         North America   US          IL      false       ORD
3       Dallas          North America   US          TX      false       DFW
5       Los Angeles     North America   US          CA      false       LAX
39      Miami           North America   US          FL      false       MIA
1       New Jersey      North America   US          NJ      true        EWR
4       Seattle         North America   US          WA      false       SEA
12      Silicon Valley  North America   US          CA      false       SJC

List the plans available on the New Jersey region:

vultr plans --region 1

At the time of writing these were the available plans:

VPSPLANID   NAME                                    VCPU    RAM     DISK    BANDWIDTH   PRICE
200         512 MB RAM,20 GB SSD,0.50 TB BW         1       512     20      0.50        2.50
201         1024 MB RAM,25 GB SSD,1.00 TB BW        1       1024    25      1.00        5.00
202         2048 MB RAM,40 GB SSD,2.00 TB BW        1       2048    40      2.00        10.00
203         4096 MB RAM,60 GB SSD,3.00 TB BW        2       4096    60      3.00        20.00
204         8192 MB RAM,100 GB SSD,4.00 TB BW       4       8192    100     4.00        40.00
115         8192 MB RAM,110 GB SSD,10.00 TB BW      2       8192    110     10.00       60.00
116         16384 MB RAM,110 GB SSD,20.00 TB BW     4       16384   110     20.00       120.00
117         24576 MB RAM,110 GB SSD,30.00 TB BW     6       24576   110     30.00       180.00
118         32768 MB RAM,110 GB SSD,40.00 TB BW     8       32768   110     40.00       240.00

NB I've manually added the 200 plan into the list, and it seems to work.

List the available Operating Systems:

vultr os

At the time of writing these were the available Operating Systems:

OSID    NAME                    ARCH    FAMILY      WINDOWS
186     Application             x64     application false
180     Backup                  x64     backup      false
147     CentOS 6 i386           i386    centos      false
127     CentOS 6 x64            x64     centos      false
167     CentOS 7 x64            x64     centos      false
179     CoreOS Stable           x64     coreos      false
159     Custom                  x64     iso         false
152     Debian 7 i386 (wheezy)  i386    debian      false
139     Debian 7 x64 (wheezy)   x64     debian      false
194     Debian 8 i386 (jessie)  i386    debian      false
193     Debian 8 x64 (jessie)   x64     debian      false
244     Debian 9 x64 (stretch)  x64     debian      false
245     Fedora 26 x64           x64     fedora      false
254     Fedora 27 x64           x64     fedora      false
140     FreeBSD 10 x64          x64     freebsd     false
230     FreeBSD 11 x64          x64     freebsd     false
234     OpenBSD 6 x64           x64     openbsd     false
164     Snapshot                x64     snapshot    false
161     Ubuntu 14.04 i386       i386    ubuntu      false
160     Ubuntu 14.04 x64        x64     ubuntu      false
216     Ubuntu 16.04 i386       i386    ubuntu      false
215     Ubuntu 16.04 x64        x64     ubuntu      false
253     Ubuntu 17.10 i386       i386    ubuntu      false
252     Ubuntu 17.10 x64        x64     ubuntu      false
124     Windows 2012 R2 x64     x64     windows     true
240     Windows 2016 x64        x64     windows     true

Finally, create a new Server with Debian 9 x64 (stretch):

vultr server create \
    --name test \
    --hostname \
    --region 1 \
    --plan 200 \
    --os 244

Which should return something like:

Virtual machine created

13699733    test    1       200         244

See its status:

vultr server show 13699733

Which should return something like:

NB While creating it might not have an IP, but eventually it will have an IP and change to the active state.

Id (SUBID):         13699733
Name:               test
Operating system:   Debian 9 x64 (stretch)
Status:             active
Power status:       running
Server state:       ok
Location:           New Jersey
Region (DCID):      1
VCPU count:         1
RAM:                512 MB
Disk:               Virtual 20 GB
Allowed bandwidth:  500
Current bandwidth:  0
Cost per month:     2.50
Pending charges:    0.01
Plan (VPSPLANID):   200
Created date:       2018-02-25 07:32:31
Default password:   p6U}zc}+SK3dEDt)
Auto backups:       no

The server is only ready when its status is active and power_status is running:

Status:             active
Power status:       running

NB As of 2018-02-25 there is no way to known if the server is shutdown. That is, if you do a poweroff you don't have a way to known that... but if you stop the server from the control panel the power status will change to stopped.

You can now try to access it:

vultr ssh 13699733

You can also use a regular ssh client (use the password given in Default password attribute):

ssh root@

When you are finished playing with the server, You can now delete it:

vultr server delete 13699733

Which should return:

Virtual machine deleted

From this point onwards, you can no longer access the server from the API.