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Todo Now

  • Add wiki pages discussing: Why a visual language?, Glance design goals, History of Glance, FAQ's, How to contribute, Code guide [code style, ...], etc..

Todo Later

Testing todos

  • Fix the arrowheads being too big for SyntaxGraph drawings.

Visual todos

  • Use pattern colors for pattern literal text boxes.

  • Draw bounding boxes for lambdas (use dashed lines)

  • Use different line styles (e.g. dashed, solid, wavy) in addition to colors

  • Consider improving nested apply icons embedded in case/guard icons.

  • Let lines connect to ports other than the original source

  • Use diagrams to shrink the drawing until icons start overlapping.

  • Make an icon font/library with labeled ports. E.g. the apply icon would have text labels "function", "result", "arg 0", "arg 1", etc.

  • Try giving lines a black border to make line crossings easier to see.

Translate todos

  • Fix applyComposeScore in Translate.hs not counting expressions that nest via reference. May need to move compose generation to after translate.

  • Add proper RecConstr, and RecUpdate support.

  • Special case for otherwise.

Command line todos

  • Tab completion