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XNATUM is a Python client that exposes XNAT objects and functions.
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XNATUM is a Python client that exposes in a simple way XNAT objects and functions. The aim is to make a simple Python package to everyone to use on top of Xnatpy. This reduces the need for the user to know the details of the REST API.

Getting started

To install just use the normally:

python install

or install directly via pip:

pip install xnatum

Useful development commands

To compile it locally:

python sdist bdist_wheel

To install a local version:

pip install ./dist/<archive> --upgrade

To upload it to Pypi:

python -m twine upload dist/*


You can find some code examples on how to use this package on the examples folder.


The official documentation is avaiable at

Workflow to contribute

To contribute to XNATUM, first create an Github account. Once this is done, fork the XNATUM repository to have you own repository, clone it using 'git clone'. Make your changes in your clone, push them to your forked repo, test them and when you are happy with them, send a pull request to the main repository.


This package is currently been developed part of my MSc. thesis.

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