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HTTP Request Translator

This tool can be used for translating HTTP requests from one format to another. Currently, that means translating from a curl command-line invocation or raw HTTP request into Python Requests code.

Thee tool is not complete; it doesn’t know about some basic things right now (such as cookies) or less common curl options such as --proxy-header. Contributions are welcome.

See also Matt Holt's curl-to-Go, if that fits your use case better.

Hint: You can generate curl commands in the Safari Web Inspector by right-clicking on a resource in the Network or Resources tab and selecting "Copy as cURL".

Building from Source

npm install && npx webpack

Build results will be put in /dist. You can also run a development webserver with npm run-script start:dev.


This project is written in React. Please keep in mind this was an exercise in learning React, so the code may not be the best.

Frontends (in lib/frontends) parse the input and populate a Request object (in lib/http-request.js).

Transforms (in lib/transforms) perform some modification to the Request object, such as breaking up application/x-www-form-urlencoded content.

Backends (in lib/backends) consume the Request and generate the output.