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Automatically build a Starter Pack release from nothing
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PeridexisErrant's Starter Pack Manager

This project is NOT an actual pack, or intended for public use. See here for that.

See the hourly build log here.

There is no support for using this tool - it is designed for my own use, and released in the hope that others might find it useful. Bug reports are most welcome; feature requests are not (missing OS support is considered a bug - it should work on Windows, macOS, and Linux).

What it does:

  • Read a config file that describes the pack
  • Check the latest version released on on DFFD or Github
  • Download stuff if an update or missing file is detected
  • Assemble it all in the correct directory structure
  • Configure all the paths etc. that can be set automatically
  • Create some components at runtime; eg ASCII graphics
  • Zip up the built pack, ready to upload
  • Generate or manage changelogs, contents list, and forum post

For anyone using these tools to assemble their own pack:

  • Note that the license (Affero GPL 3+) applies to all the code, and to the code only.

    Some files in ./base/ are mine; some are by other people in the Dwarf Fortress community. Treat this files as if they are under an informal version of the CC-BY-SA license.

    Any outputs you produce with this software are entirely your own, subject to licenses of the components you downloaded. The pack I publish is shared under the informal system above.

  • Check out config.yml and components.yml. The system is set up and configured via these files, which are also commented.

  • You will need Python 3.5+, as I make extensive use of several new features. Dependencies can be installed with pip install -r requirements.txt.

  • Many items in the provided config will only work on Windows (or when building for windows on another OS; tested on Debian). If you are interested in helping support macOS or Linux, please get in touch with my handle at gmail.

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