My notes going through the You Don't Know JavaScript book series
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I Didn't Know JavaScript


When I used to take Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, my sensai would always ask the advanced belts, "When did you first feel like you understood jiu-jitsu?" The answer was consistenly "About one year in."

As I read through the YDKJS series the first time, I felt like I understood JavaScript. Technically, I had been writing JS for 2.5 years before I reached the first tier of this ephiphany.

My first time through, I regimented my approach: read a chapter a day, take notes (that I'll never look at again), and get through it. This time through, I aim to fully understand the examples, giving my own explanations with my own examples.

Some of my notes may seem trivial or obvious, such as terminology, but I ask that before you judge, understand that we are all on different paths. What is rocket science to you is simple compressible aerodynamics to me. :)

Pending Todos

  • Book 5: Async & Performance
    • Look up examples of generators in the wild
    • Re-read chapter 4, appendix A, and appendix B after looking up more resources and playing around with Generators -- specifically gens+promises