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Build simple JSON and string API responses.
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What does it do?

Respondinator consumes a JSON payload for the route /addme. The JSON payload must include a path (prefixed with a /) and a response key (string or JSON).

After using a POST to /addme you receive a unique key for updating the response of the route you just added. You must now use a PUT to update that route, and include the key in your JSON payload.

Respondinator will now respond to your route with the response that you define in your payload, either with JSON or a string.

How to build

$> docker build -f Dockerfile.respondinator .
$> docker run --rm -p 4568:4568 <CONTAINER_ID>

Adding routes (POST)

String response route:

$> curl -s -d '{"path": "/hello", "response": "world"}' localhost:4568/addme 
$> curl -s localhost:4568/hello 

JSON response route:

$> curl -s -d '{"path": "/hello", "response": { "world": { "hello": "world" } }}' localhost:4568/addme 
$> curl -s localhost:4568/hello 

Respondinator response:

  "path": "/hello",
  "response": "world",
  "key": "b08421d1-4cd5-4668-96d2-bf1467430db5"

Updating routes (PUT)

$> curl -s -XPUT -d '{"path": "/hello", "response": { "world": { "hello": "dbag" } }, "key": "b08421d1-4cd5-4668-96d2-bf1467430db5"}' localhost:4568/addme
$> curl -s localhost:4568/hello

Retrieving route (GET)

$> curl -s localhost:4568/hello | jq .
  "world": {
    "hello": "dbag"
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