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Note that FAM misbehaves in certain environments, notably AFS-based
+*** Using Batteries ***
+In your source code, add [open Batteries] for the multithreaded
+batteries library. If you want to build without threads, use [open
+Batteries_uni] instead. When you've done this, you'll have access to
+the batteries modules that extend stdlib modules as part of the stdlib
+modules. To access the original stdlib modules, use [Legacy.List],
+for example. Other [BatFoo] modules provided by batteries are
+available as simply [Foo].
+**** Compiling with Ocamlbuild ****
+Copy doc/batteries/ into your source directory, and use:
+ <*>: pkg_batteries, pkg_threads
+in your _tags file to enable batteries for all modules.
+**** Bare Findlib ****
+ocamlfind compile -thread -package batteries -linkpkg
+**** OMake ****
+Add the following to your OMakefile:
+OCAMLPACKS[] += batteries
+OCAMLFLAGS += -thread

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