OCaml library for parsing pgn files
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Ocaml-pgn is a simple library for parsing (Nothing else) pgn files. Currently, the only requirement to use this library is OCaml. However, oasis 0.4 is also required to build/install easily and oUnit is required to run the test suite.

This library does not indend to be a general purpose pgn parsing lib because my own needs require only a subset of the full features. Here are the limitations:

  • All comments/annotations/side lines are ignored. Only the main line is parsed
  • Computer annotations ($x) are stripped
  • No move/metadata validation/conversion of any kind
  • No error recovery whatsoever
  • No pgn writing support
  • All metadata (except the result) is treated as a string


oasis setup
ocaml setup.ml -all
ocaml setup.ml -install

Usage (from the top level):

See pgn.mli for more documentation

#require "pgn";;
let g = List.hd (Pgn.parse_file "~/fischer-spassky.pgn");;

(*you can pattern match on g if you want to make sure exceptions
aren't thrown*)

let event = Pgn.Mdata.get_exn g ~key:"event";;
let result = Pgn.Mdata.result g;;
let moves = Pgn.moves g;;